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The Government recently published a White Paper, “A pro-innovation approach to AI regulation,” setting out its proposals for AI regulation, in conjunction with an impact assessment and consultation paper. Jo Frears, IP & Technology Leader at Lionshead Law, considers some of the key points:
A pro-innovation approach to AI regulation

Alex Heshmaty looks at the new report by Tony Blair and William Hague which explores how the UK can harness innovative technologies to meet future challenges – several proposals touching on the convergence of law and technology:
Harnessing innovative technologies to meet future challenges

The voice of your clients – and others you deal with – has potential to play much more of a leading role in the ongoing development and evolution of law firms. Allan Carton explains:
Make more of the voice of your clients

Alex Heshmaty explains the ChatGPT AI application and assesses its implications in legal:
ChatGPT: implications for the legal world

Partner articles and news

Alcohol and drug testing:
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Laurence Howland of How Compliance Ltd explains what Chinese Underground banking is, saying the risks should be properly understood and seen in their broader cultural context so that UK business may engage constructively with this important customer base:
Chinese Underground Banking and its risk to UK businesses

Nicky Hunter of Stowe Family Law LLP explains how the new law raising the legal age of marriage will go some way to help protect children from being forced into marriages, but more needs to be done to prevent them from abuse:
Minimum marriage age raised to protect under 18s

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