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In the NewsletterIt’s been almost a year since ChatGPT was released to the public. Although much has been written about the impact of generative AI on the legal sector as a whole, there has been less focus on its potential to improve access to justice for the ordinary citizen who cannot afford a lawyer. Most commentators will recommend obtaining legal advice and never relying on the answers generated by chatbots – but what’s the reality? Alex Heshmaty explores:
Generative AI and access to justice

As reported in the Newsletter, in April 2022 The National Archives launched its Find Case Law service, and 6 months on John Sheridan of TNA described the progress that had been made. Meanwhile, ICLR systematically monitored the publication of listed cases by TNA over its first 12 months of operation. The resulting report, Publication of listed judgments: towards a new benchmark of digital open justice, by Paul Magrath and Greg Beresford, was published in September:
Towards a new benchmark of digital open justice

In April 2023, legal tech disruptors vLex and Fastcase merged to form the world’s largest global law library, in what has been described as one of the most consequential mergers in the history of legal tech. The teams have now fully integrated, and over one billion legal documents are accessible on vLex’s AI-powered legal research platform. Matthew Terrell has more:
New developments at vLex

In the wake of an avalanche of publicity following the hugely successful roll-out of ChatGPT, governments around the world have been waking up to the transformative effects of generative AI tools upon their societies, economies and legal systems. Stark warnings from leading industry figures such as Sam Altman, Elon Musk and Geoffrey Hinton, about the potential future impact of next-gen AI technologies, have prompted lawmakers to attempt to assess the risks and consider how to regulate the sector without stifling innovation. Alex Heshmaty investigates:
Global AI regulation

Following his previous article on ChatGPT’s implications for the legal world, Alex Heshmaty garners answers to further questions from Dr Ilia Kolochenko.
ChatGPT: more questions

Partner articles and newsDNA and alcohol testing:
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Alcohol test reports: common questions answered – AlphaBiolabs

Legal technology:
LEAP and WillSuite support Free Wills Month with free subscription offer
LEAP streamlines conveyancing matters with adoor partnership

Practice management:
How to build a sustainable law firm – LEAP
Quill publishes database of legal awards for 2023–24

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