Internet Newsletter for Lawyers January/February 2019

The latest issue of the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers is now published.

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In this issue:

  • Social media – Paul Bernal examines why privacy is the key to Facebook’s fake news problem
  • Social media – Alex Heshmaty and Nick Holmes consider how lawyers can make good use of the enigmatic Twitter
  • SEO – Eleanor Reynolds of Hallam Internet describes 10 simple checks to help improve your website’s SEO health
  • Drones – Joanne Frears of Lionshead Law explains the regulation of drones and their impact on aerospace
  • Websites – Nick Holmes introduces the new incarnation of Venables Legal Resources
  • This Newsletter – Delia Venables bids farewell as editor of this Newsletter which she founded 20 years ago
  • The web – Nick Holmes explains the concept and ideals of the open web and the threats it faces

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Enjoy the Newsletter.Regards

Nick Holmes

A farewell from Delia Venables

I have lived with the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers for 20 years. I started it as an adjunct to the Venables website but it soon developed a life of its own. It was of course only provided in printed form originally. I remember how it had to be written, printed, collated, packed up and addressed on my kitchen table, stamps stuck on and taken down to the post office in big bundles, together with associated admin relating to managing the subscriptions. It was very “physical” work but a great deal of fun and I felt very advanced.

Eventually, it became possible to publish the Newsletter also online, thus matching the actuality to the title! Since Nick Holmes came in with me, the Newsletter has continued to provide timely and interesting news and information on what lawyers are doing on the internet – and what more they could do with it, if they tried that little bit harder.

Many eminent lawyers and associated professionals have contributed articles to the Newsletter over the years and continue to do so. It does not seem to be running out of topics to cover and indeed, under Nick’s excellent leadership in the last couple of years, it has continued to flourish and develop.

So now, I am saying “goodbye” to the Newsletter, as well as the Venables website (which is now also in Nick’s capable hands) although I will certainly keep in touch.

My very best wishes to all the loyal readers who have supported the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers over the years.