Internet Newsletter for Lawyers July/August 2014

We’re pleased to tell you that the latest issue of the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers is now published.. Print subscribers will receive their print issues shortly.

In this issue

  • Law reporting – Paul Magrath looks at the changing needs of practitioners and explains how ICLR is responding
  • BYOD – David Flint of MacRoberts provides guidance on framing a BYOD (bring your own device) policy
  • Electronic evidence – Stephen Mason, barrister, explains electronic evidence which depends on understanding the digital realm
  • Blogs – Joe Reevy of Legal RSS asks whether blogs are, or can be, any use to law firms
  • Contempt – Judith Townend considers the propects for a proposed court reporting restrictions database
  • Resources – Delia Venables provides a guide to key US legal news sites, legal organisations and resources
  • CPD – Details of Nick and Delia’s new 2014 Legal Web CPD courses for solicitors and barristers

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New 2014 CPD courses

Nick and Delia’s new 2014 CPD courses will all be available in July. Regular Newsletter readers have a head start as most of the materials have appeared in the Newsletter over the last year.

Social Media and eBusiness for Solicitors 2014 is available now (5 hours CPD for solicitors only) covers Introduction to social media, Key social media platforms, Marketing on the internet, Social media monitoring and Google, eCommerce projects for law firms

Legal Web Resources 2014 (coming very soon, 5 hours CPD for barristers and solicitors) covers Free legal commentaries online, Justice online and electronic evidence, European legal resources, World legal resources, Internet skills for lawyers

Legal Web Issues 2014 (coming very soon, 5 hours CPD for barristers and solicitors) covers Media law issues, Digital copyright issues, Website legal issues, Digital currencies and BYOD, Access to law

It s quick and easy. You buy these courses online, you access the material online and you complete a set of questions online. It is all straightforward and (if necessary) Nick and Delia will assist.

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