Do I Need a Lawyer to File a Defense Base Act Claim?

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Are you among those who have suffered while working as a contractor for the government of the United States? For instance, the government contracts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Africa, or other parts of the world. You don’t have to let unnecessary issues affect or limit the exclusive benefits of entitled under the Defense Act Base. Therefore, for the dba PTSD claim, you need to contact a professional defense base act lawyer to help you undertake your claims. Every time you seek a claim, the insurer often finds any possible way to lessen the amount you have to be compensated. Irrespective of your suffering, you have the sole right to be protected. Basically, the Defense Base Act seeks to compensate individuals who suffered in the event of serving the government of the United States. The Act, however, covers the incidents incurred outside the United States of America. The beneficiaries of the Act are not limited to the residents of the US alone, and it also involves non-citizens who are serving the government of the United States. 

To succeed in the claim, you need a defense base act lawyer with the required expertise and professionalism to help your representation. The lawyer also should be very conversant with the complexities of the federal government defense act and is reputed to have helped significant clients secure maximum compensation through the DepartmentDepartment of US labor. You must ensure that you are provided sufficient funds to cater for psychological and physical injuries and the economic impact of the on-the-job injuries. The following information is crucial regarding the defense base act. It provides the threshold for qualification to file a case under the Act and the importance of consulting with expertise to undertake the claim. 

Defense Base Act

The defense base act is a federal law established by the US government and provides individuals’ coverage against unforeseen perils that occur to them while on duty. The Act is extensive and covers workers in different dockets such as construction, security, and maintenance. If an individual is injured while on the job, the DBA helps provide expenses related to medical and compensation for missed wages. Also, it provides benefits for dead workers while taking duty. Once you have consulted experts, the claims shall be processed and paid through a DBA insurance program under private insurance firms. 

Qualification to File for Defense Base Act Claim

For you to qualify for the claim, however, a threshold must be met. First, you must have been a civilian worker, injuries that should be claimed must have been caused in the course of taking the duty, and finally, the commitment you were working on must be covered by the Defense Base Act. Irrespective of working on a project covered by the DBA, you often have to seek an attorney to offer an analysis of the Act. For non-citizens, there are many ways through which you can work for the US government. That is, foreign nationals can be part of the US military bases or even the land that the government of the US utilizes. Another way is to offer your services for a public project with the government. Individuals working on a project that has the approval of the US government or is entirely funded are covered under the Act. For instance, contracts such as selling military equipment, services, or materials to US allies, often involve companies such as DynCorp. Finally, the claim extends to those who work for American employers offering services to counties outside the country. For the above explanations, it is worth consulting a professional lawyer to help you evaluate your case and offer advice for your rights. 

How Do You File for Defense Base Act Claim?

For you to file a claim, you probably have to inform your employer regarding the injuries, either physical or psychological, within not more than 30 days since the occurrence of the incident and write a claim which has to be submitted to OWCP in not more than one year from the date of the injury. But, if the harm is psychological, the time limits are not applicable. In case you are late with the deadlines, you need not worry as the attorney can file a claim for you and let your injuries be deemed for compensation. The concerned DepartmentDepartment, however, requires the employer to file for the claims even without the employee’s knowledge. The employer has to do it within ten days from the day of the injury, given that the injury results in the loss of at least one or more shifts. When such happens, you need not inform the employer or make a submission by yourself. 

Injuries Covered Under Defense Base Act 

The following are among the injuries that are covered under the DBA; 

  • Broken bones 
  • Amputations 
  • Brain injuries 
  • Cancer-causing materials
  • Burn injuries 
  • Cardiac complications 
  • Failed lungs 
  • Crush injuries

Defense Base Act Benefits that are Possible with an Attorney

 With a professional attorney, you stand to be assisted in getting medication, injury compensation, rehabilitation, and death. 


If working and unfortunately involved in any injuries in a project that the Defense Base Act covers, you are eligible to have medications which include; hospitalization expenses, treatment by a licensed physician, and prescribed drugs. And most importantly, the DBA act allows workers to consult an attorney of their choice. 

Injury Compensation 

Under this, there are categories, depending on the injury’s extent. It includes; temporary total, partial temporary, and permanent with yearly increases. 


in this benefit, it involves those individuals who have wholly been disabled and cannot work again. The Labor Department of the US provides them with an opportunity to start a different career to handle other positions. 

Death Benefits 

Under this, the Act necessitates that the worker’s half weekly earnings are accumulated and given to the existing spouse or one of the children. If there is more than one survivor, the payments are changed by two-thirds of the average weekly earnings.