How Commercial Litigation Law Firms Can Help Your Business

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Commercial law or mercantile law specifically addresses business issues. Commercial litigation involves at least one business, though the term also applies to disputes between two businesses. This category includes everything from customers challenging suspension of an account based on violations of the terms of service to companies suing each other over violations of billion-dollar contracts. The best solution is often hiring a criminal litigation firm. Let’s learn how criminal litigation law firm in Canada can help your business.

It Can Protect Your Business Interests

A commercial litigation law firm is there to protect your business interests. They can defend your company from contractors who think they weren’t properly paid. Furthermore, they can fight those who steal your intellectual property, whether it is a former employee who took your client list with them or someone who copied your flagship product’s design. If you build a long-term relationship with a commercial litigation firm, they will probably be available for ongoing consultations instead of on-demand counsel.

They Can Help You Avoid Future Legal Problems

Consider having a commercial litigation attorney review all contracts your firm drafts. This should include employment agreements for contractors, purchase agreements and business contracts. If you’re presented with a purchase order or new contract, have the commercial litigation experts review it. It is more cost-effective to correct a potentially problematic legal clause now than fight over what it means later. Have them review your terms of service or employment contract before it lands you in court.

You could even have the litigation experts review your standard operating procedures for checks and balances. This could reduce the opportunity for theft and fraud while reducing your legal liability if something does happen.  Furthermore, you’ll avoid the potential problems that arise when dispute resolution is left to discretion of a clerk or retail manager. For example, if there is a set process for handling demands for a refund, there is no room for allegations of favoritism or discrimination if X gets a refund while Y is told to leave the restaurant.

They Can Give You Important Advice at the Founding of Your Business

Far too many businesses wait until they’re getting sued to hire a commercial law firm. Yet they could protect themselves in a variety of ways by working with a commercial litigation attorney at the very start of their business. For example, a litigation attorney could give you advice on how to structure your business so that you are not personally liable for its debts or any lawsuits against the company. They could provide input on the founding agreement so that you can include decision-making criteria and arbitration clauses rather than going to court when you can’t work it out.  Of course, they can provide assistance if you do end up in arbitration with co-founders or other employees. But you may be able to protect the company if you set up a limited liability company or limited liability partnership, so that a lawsuit against one member doesn’t jeopardize the sweat equity of every other shareholder.