What to Do If You Have Been Wrongfully Terminated

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We all need jobs, and no one likes getting fired. However, many people face this situation even if they did nothing wrong. Many employers take advantage of their authority and use it for their personal benefits and grudges. Luckily, every company has to follow laws that ensure the safety of all employees. Your employer will likely have to pay you severance for terminating your employment. Even if it is not about the money, many find disrespectful and get angry at the company. If you believe that you or someone you know have been wrongfully terminated in Canada and you want to take legal action, this article is for you.

Make Sure You are Not Working At-Will

Before you make any decision, make sure that you are a proper employee of the company and not working at-will. If you are working at-will, this gives the employer every right to terminate you anytime without any reason. This also gives you the right to leave the company whenever you want. If your employment is at-will, no termination is wrongful termination unless it was based on discrimination.

Did Employer Breach Contract?

You would want to make sure that you that termination was, in fact, wrongful before you pursue any legal action. If your employer breached any clause of the contract you both signed by firing you, this would be considered wrongful termination and you have every right to take a stand.

Were You Discriminated?

Unfortunately, wrongful termination based on discrimination is not uncommon. The law takes such cases very seriously and doesn’t let anyone get away with it if proven. If you were fired because of your religion, gender, age, skin color, nationality, disability, or pregnancy, it would be considered discrimination, which is illegal in every workplace.

Did Employer Retaliate?

More often than not, employers fire their employees just to get back at them. Even if there was no discrimination, but your employers didn’t like you for some reason (other than work-related) and punished you by terminating your employment, you can file a case for Wrongful Termination. This usually happens when an employee registers a complaint or does something similar that the employer didn’t like.

Hire an Experienced Lawyer

It’s always better to have a lawyer who is experienced in wrongful termination cases when filing a lawsuit. You don’t know as much about court proceedings as compared to a lawyer. This will significantly increase your chances of winning. Besides, the company or the employer will also have a lawyer to fight against you. With the right lawyer, they might even settle outside the court.

Try to Keep Good Relations with the Company

If there is a chance that you are angry just because you were fired, it’s best to channel it somewhere else in a positive manner. No matter how the case turns out, you still have to go out in the market to find a new job. There is no need to explain why an employer wouldn’t prioritize an employee who sued his former employer. Keeping good relations with the company will make it easy for you to find a new job.