5 Steps to Choose the Best Child Custody Lawyer

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Custody is a very tricky part of divorce, and one that no one wants to have to deal with. When things haven’t worked out between you and your spouse, you want to make sure that your children have as much stability as possible, even when the general situation is changing this much.However, sometimes your belief for what’s best for your child is different than the other parent’s. When that happens, you may find yourself fighting each other to make sure you get your way. Instead of trying to battle things out on your own, you need to make sure you’re using a Colorado Springs child custody lawyer like the ones at Burnham Law. If you want to make sure you’re getting the best child custody lawyer, just follow these five steps.

1. Determine Where You and the Other Parent Differ

Obviously, this is going to be a sticking point throughout the whole process, so get it out of the way first. Even if things are mostly amicable between you and the other parent, you may find that the whole process gets significantly messier when it involves your kids. The most obvious thing is who gets primary custody — especially if you live far away from each other, parenting plans will generally have the children living full-time with one parent and visiting the other during holidays and the summertime.

2. Find the Common Ground Between You and the Other Parent

This is more difficult. If you’re bitterly fighting each other about custody, it can be tough to see things from their point of view. You do certainly have one thing in common, though. Even if you haven’t openly acknowledged it, you both want to see your children end up as safe and happy as possible. You just have different ways of getting there. If you’re willing to write down the places where your desires are the same, it’ll be easier for your lawyer to find a jumping-off point.

3. Write a Concise Description of the Situation and Contact Law Firms

Now, it’s time to write a description that you can send to law firms. You don’t want your description to be multiple pages long; a paragraph or two will usually suffice. Your best bet is to say how many children you have and how old each child is. Then, say whether the divorce is amicable or not. Describe whether you believe you can decide on a parenting plan out of court or with arbitration. Mention where you and the other parent are planning to live, and whether one or both of you are moving. Tell the lawyer whether you’ve already decided on divorce agreements or not. Then, end it with what you’re hoping to accomplish with a child custody lawyer. Send that description to a few different law firms you’re interested in.

4. Sit Down With Lawyers You’re Interested In Hiring

Eventually, you’ll hear back from some of the law firms you contacted. After a few emails, you’ll probably find a couple of lawyers you’re still interested in hiring. Then, schedule some in-person consultations with those people. This is mostly to get to know the lawyer a little bit. You want to make sure you really click with them, because you’re going to be trying to make important legal decisions together. This is also a good time to expand upon that concise description you wrote earlier. Make sure your lawyer knows the intricacies of your situation at this point.

5. Hire a Lawyer and Start Crafting a Parenting Plan

Once you’ve narrowed it down this far, it’s time to actually decide on your lawyer. Hire the lawyer you connected the most with and get to work on the most important part of the process: actually crafting the parenting plan you’ll submit to the other parent. Now that you’ve hired the right child custody lawyer, you can start handling those issues.

A Great Child Custody Lawyer Is Within Reach

Your child custody case is an important part of your life moving forward. With any child custody case, neither parent will get 100% of the children’s time unless there’s a serious endangerment issue. However, you can still craft a parenting plan that satisfies both of you as much as possible. With the right Colorado Springs child custody lawyer, you can be well on your way to building a better life after divorce with your child.