5 Things a Criminal Attorney Does (That You Can’t)

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The entire legal system is always going to be confusing and overwhelming for individuals who are charged with crimes, and the stress that is involved with the magnitude of a crime’s consequences only makes matters worse for defendants.

Criminal defense attorneys specialize in these types of situations and are luckily there for those unfortunate enough to have been charged with a crime, and the best part is that these professionals are more than capable of doing so much more than a public defendant can ever do.

Some people who are charged with crimes are tempted to represent themselves in court, but we would always advise against this because of the following 5 ways legitimate, experienced defense lawyers could help you. We’re very fortunate enough to have partnered up with Musca Law, an esteemed criminal attorney naples fl, to help us compile this list. So take it from the experts that these are 5 ways in which an attorney can help you (in ways you can’t quite do yourself).

Strategically Utilize All Discoveries

Discovery is the legal term that is used for the gathering up of all evidence that could potentially help you either refute evidence provided by prosecutors or generally exonerate yourself. This can include things like surveillance video, testimonies, documents of all types and written statements that can be used for all types of criminal defense strategies.

Your attorney will be much more capable of knowing what to do with this information, and how to strategically place it within your case so that you can ensure you are defending yourself to a judge or jury as efficiently and professionally as possible.

Prosecution Negotiation

A lot of criminal cases utilize plea bargains to come to a resolve, and this is the situation in which the defendant agrees to plead guilty to a charge of lesser legal magnitude in order to receive a lighter sentence.

There are many instances in which a plea bargain could potentially work for your case, but you’re not going to be capable of creating a solid plan without the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Experienced defense attorneys have conducted these types of arrangements countless times and know exactly how to deal with the prosecutors in your local area. This can sometimes include knowing when to hold out for better deals and knowing when to take a deal when it’s being offered.

Local Court Operation Knowledge

Every jurisdiction and courtroom is going to have its own unique set of rules and guidelines that people must abide by, and this includes courtroom culture and judge personalities. If you end up working with an attorney who understands the familiarities of a local court system then you can have some extremely valuable insight into what should be done during the preparation stages of your case, and really all stages of the legal process.

Delays and Expediting Your Trial

There are certain situations in which you will want to have your case rushed as quickly as you possibly can, and there are other situations in which it’s better to delay your trial as long as you can so you can continue gathering evidence and get things straightened out prior to the trial.

An experienced defense attorney understands what timeline is best for you and your case and will be able to help guide you along the way to victory in these situations so you are ultimately working on a timeline that is best for you and simultaneously not hurting your case.

Potential Expunction

If you end up pleading guilty or being convicted then your attorney is going to be able to help you get your record cleaned up through expungement. This is of course not possible for all cases, but it is with a lot.

When it comes down to it, there aren’t any cases too big or small for you to think you should go about your courtroom business by yourself. Legal assistance is always going to be necessary because it can help you in the long run get the type of results you deserve and need.