Everything you need to know before hiring an attorney for your firm

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The success of an enterprise or a business is often dependent on hiring a good lawyer. The two main pillars that equate for a successful venture are the lawyer and the accountant. In this article you will be informed about how to go about searching, interviewing and hiring the very best attorney for your business-related matters in the USA.

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What to avoid

Most of the small business and start-up venture avoid hiring a lawyer until something goes wrong and an official is standing at the door with a court sermon. It is a rookie mistake as you should hook up with a lawyer before someone sues you. Once you get sued the only way is to settle in or out of court which usually includes a higher degree of expenditure. Don’t wait for the problem to occur, but prevent it by hiring an attorney right from the start.

Should you go for a big law firm or a modest one?

With a big law firm and professional practice, the overhead expenses for you will be quite high. The hourly rates of the professionals will be more than what you would expect from a smaller law firm. However, it is essential to remember that going for a top-notch practice with offices in more than one state is always a great idea due to the clout and skill level a big firm possesses. Typically the bigger a law firm is, the more are the number of professionals employed and thus you remain covered in case of handling of the lawsuits incurred if any, negotiation of the lease on the office rental space, filing of patent/trademark, termination of a disruptive employee and overseeing of a corporate event and meetings.

Business attorney skill sets

There are many different types of lawyers and the more common ones around us are the ones associated with will and testament disputes, property closing and other non-business matters. In case of an attorney strictly for business dealings, you need to look for the following specializations.


The lawyer must be capable of preparing standard form of contracts necessary to deal with customers and employees alike.

Prior experience in business matters

An attorney who is well versed in preparing the necessary paperwork after deciding whether a corporation or LLC (Limited Liability Company) is the best way ahead for you.

Real estate

The attorney should also be well versed in dealing with the leases on commercial spaces for example – offices and retail stores. Even printed forms are negotiable, and an experienced attorney will know what is required while negotiating the contract.

Taxes and licenses

Finally, your lawyer should know about registering the business for federal and state tax identification numbers and the tax consequences associated with business transactions.

Your business is “intellectual property,” and you need to plan to safeguard your domain. Invest in a business law service and sleep easy.