Verify Your Candidates Before You Make a Hiring Mistake

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Do you know the exact cost of hiring high-risk candidates to hold important positions within your company? It might be hard to measure in exact dollars but there are some estimates that say it could cost hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars for bad hiring decisions. (Yager, 2017) If you are a small business, you cannot afford to make a bad hiring choice–it could break your budget. Hiring a service, like those found at, to take care of the fine details is the best way to avoid these mistakes and have a thorough look at exactly who you are hiring.

Hiring the Right Person for the Job

Along with relevant experience and job knowledge, you should be finding a good personality match for your work environment. This goes a long way in reducing turnover and keeping present employees happy too. However, even the most qualified candidate could be the wrong choice based on information you may not have been privy to or not bothered to look up.

Criminal Background Check

Getting to know your potential candidate’s criminal history is an important step in the recruitment process. In fact, it should take precedence over reference and employment checks. If you are working in a vulnerable sector or with any kind of finances, having a trustworthy and upstanding employee is key to the integrity of your company. Theft, fraud and employee dishonesty cost companies money in the long run.

Employment Validation

A resume may look great, with loads of relevant employment experience to your particular industry but without any kind of verification, you have no real way to know if this employment experience is legitimate, until you see them in action. Using a service to take care of this step for you will cost you minimal money, but save you time. In fact, using a service could even save you money if employment experience outlined is found to be fraudulent.

Driver’s Abstracts

If you are hiring individuals to drive and care for company vehicles or drive with company goods, you want to ensure their driving practices are responsible and lawful. Allowing a service designated to perform this check will ensure no stone is unturned and any driving infractions are brought to light in a timely manner. Asking candidates to bring along a drivers abstract usually results in candidates arriving empty handed or with outdated information. Save yourself the hassle and get a quote from a checking service to look into this matter.

International Background Checks

Since more and more businesses are opting to hire from international sources, it is key to check into each candidate’s credentials and background before they come to the country. It may be difficult for the average company to look into international employees since their network of people may be limited. A background check service works with many overseas partners and has connections to assist in this process, making it as painless as possible for your hiring officers. Working within a global setting is key to growth for large business and having a service to make this easier, allows this growth to happen a little more effortlessly.


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