Surrogacy – X (A Child) (No. 2) (Private Surrogacy Arrangement: Contact with Birth Family)

Another interesting case dealing with a surrogacy arrangement “which unraveled, causing great and intense heartache for all”. This reported case is not a conventional judgment but comment on the consent Order finally adopted. The child was born by sperm of the father and donor egg of surrogate mother. Surrogate mother changed her mind during pregnancy and wanted to keep the child. By August 2015 a court rule the child should live with father and his wife (the mother’). The surrogate mother then mounted substantial public protests against people involved in the case. Surrogate mother made another application for the child to be returned which was refused. The Guardian took the view that child should have contact with surrogate mother providing he did not jeopardize the position of the mother and father. Agreed by consent as was contact with surrogate mother’s adult daughter. Judgment notes if surrogate mother recommences campaigning, the pressure it will put on the mother and father is likely to jeoparise the contact arrangements agreed “probably for ever”.