A Family View of the Legal Profession

Consideration was given for the editing and publication of this post and the content is fictional.

Now I want you to know that just because you see me in this fancy office wearing this fancy suit and surrounded by all these books it doesn’t mean that I am either especially rich or smart or even successful.  But it DOES mean that I have spent a lot of time and energy to reach this particular stage in my legal profession.  

It took quite a bit of sacrifice for me to get started in my law career.  I spent countless nights through many years studying while on the hard cot that passed for my bed while living in the housing development near my college campus.  And my initial years as a legal aide were equally strenuous, with some weeks where we made extra use of the can opener and the small microwave my wife Clair and I received as a wedding present.  My children can vouch for the lean times because they had to endure sleeping in some cramped quarters and on folding beds before I was finally able to get some decent place for my growing family.  Now, instead of my kids having to all share a single room with their parents they are sharing two bedrooms, with bunk beds in each room.  Not yet the perfect arrangement but far easier for a family of six. 

And because my wife is so talented at interior decorating and money management, she managed to find two really unique-looking sets of bunk beds on Groupon.  Those bunks  give the boys and girls a real sense of pride in the appearance of their rooms.  And while they occasionally get into the tiffs that all siblings have, they rarely had lasting disputes that required serious intervention.  Indeed, I occasionally got the feeling that they actually preferred to share their bedrooms even though Clair and I worked diligently towards that goal of owning a home where each child has a room of their very own.  Clair and I are now searching to find the best deals for when we manage to set out on our own and furnish our independent office.  And ideally we will have that office as part of our home, with furniture and cabinets acquired in the same manner as the furnishings of our home.  We plan to have a truly “home-based” business, where our children can feel that they are a part of a family operation.  

So I want you to know that when you deal with my law firm and counseling service you are dealing with one that puts the sense of family unity and cooperation at a premium.  Our work is performed to the satisfaction of my client and to my client’s family, whom I try to view as an extension of my own.