What to Consider When Establishing Your Own Law Firm

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Whether you’ve just come out of college or you’ve been working with an established law firm for quite some time, there is always a desire to go solo and start your own law firm. While the nuances of this decision are with you and it’s your decision to make, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions to take into account as you establish your practice.

It All Starts with a Name

While ego can be the determiner in choosing a practice name, using your first initial and your surname isn’t going to be the most identifiable if you are planning to provide specialist legal services. If your main clients are going to be those with accident compensation claims or proceedings relating to a workplace incident, consider choosing a name which makes this clear. Names like “Compensation Lawyers of (City)” tell your potential clients more about your services than “J.Smith Lawyers”, and can be the difference between a client and an empty office.

Choose Your Location Wisely

Just because you are going to spend a lot of time in court doesn’t mean that your clients will. Instead of spending all of your capital on an expensive office close to a courthouse, consider one near a police station which could attract clients in immediate need, or alternatively, close to a shopping center which sees a lot of foot and visual traffic.

Once Your Clients Are in the Door

Your clients are your income, so treat them accordingly. While you don’t need to spend lots of your budget on taking clients out to expensive meals, take advantage of Groupon Coupons, particularly for pages like Cheryl’s and keep your waiting room inviting with baked goods and a fresh set of flowers. Make your clients feel as comfortable as possible before they even meet you.

The Internet

There are very few legal services which can provide over the internet, however, it’s extremely important that you have a good web presence. Set aside a good amount of your startup capital and invest in a solid website. A website which works well on mobile devices is crucial for attracting clients who may be looking for a lawyer as they wait for the tow-truck to arrive.

If You Can’t Spend, You Can’t Litigate

If you can’t afford to provide your services and courtroom costs without money in your trust, then you can’t afford to take on the client. Don’t get too caught up with trying to entice new clients with offers of “no upfront fees” as these can often result in you receiving no money at all, despite winning a claim. Request only the bare financial essentials to begin a case and work from there.

While this is by no means the “be all and end all” to get your new practice off the ground, theses can be great pieces of advice to get you started and on your way to a successful practice.