The Types of Family Cases

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In simple words, every family case is a kind of civil case. However, this issue is usually relevant to the spouse, children, and parents. Especially when a case is inclusive of emotional abuse or something that needs legal involvement, a family lawyer is hired. Today, a family court handles a plethora of cases that are inclusive of domestic matters. Here are some of the common examples in the USA:

Marriage Dissolution

Although there’s nothing better than being in a committed relationship if things turn sour, it is best for both the partners to wisely talk things through and contact a divorce lawyer. Simply put, a marriage can quickly be dissolved with an annulment or a divorce case. However, when things get nasty between the two people due to a number of factors, the intrusion of a family lawyer becomes imperative. For example, when a couple has to decide over child custody, inheritance, the share of wealth, or even the distribution of assets, only a family lawyer can help them in the best way possible.

Name Changes

Here, a child or an adult will be obliged to change their name officially through registering a name change case at the family court. However, because most people aren’t aware of the law, they will willfully slant towards the services of a family lawyer. The name change section requires some time because a lot of people register for such a change every year.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a rampantly thriving issue across the globe, with more women being affected by it than men. A victim of domestic violence can ask for protection from the abuser. For this to happen, they need to gather the necessary evidence to provide in the courtroom. Here, a family lawyer will assist the victim throughout the process and ensure justice is served to them. Domestic violence has a strong impact on the mind of the abused, which is why the need for a lawyer becomes crucial.

Child Custody

If a man has to be declared the father of the child, they will have to register a case in the family court. This will establish permanent paternity in the courtroom, but it might be scrutinized by the prosecutor. Especially when parents are unmarried, the biological test has to be performed to confirm paternity. In such a situation, physical custody and child support have to be put into perspective as well.