How Car Accident Lawyers Protect Your Rights After an Accident

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Car accidents involve more than adrenaline and fast-moving metal vehicles. They can lead to emotionally charged situations and complex legal cases. Let’s learn more about how you can protect your rights in the USA. We’ll also discuss what your rights in a car accident case would be, no matter what type of car accident you’re in.

What Rights Do You Have after a Car Accident?

There is a lot of confusion over one’s rights and legal obligations after a car accident. You’re legally required to check on the other person and render appropriate aid. This can be as simple as stopping, checking on them, and calling 911. No one expects you to put on a splint, though it is wise to try to stop significant bleeding. You’re legally required to exchange insurance information with the other person, though you may not be able to tell when they give you a fake or expired insurance card.

You have a number of rights after a car accident. You have the right to be treated for serious injuries. Emergency Rooms are legally required to stabilize patients, and first responders must show up if called to a serious accident. You have legal rights, too. For example, you have the right to protect yourself from adverse legal consequences. You have the right to refuse to answer detailed questions asked by the police, though you might be arrested or your car towed if they think you’re drunk and you refuse a sobriety test.

You have the right to document gather information about the accident. You have the right to ask the names and for contact information from witnesses, including passengers in the other person’s car. You have the right to take pictures of their car as well as your own. They can’t claim a right to privacy when you snap a picture of their license plate, whether or not it is embedded in the bumper of your car.

How to Protect Your Legal Rights During a Car Accident

No one has the right to bully you. They can’t hit you because they’re angry you rear-ended their car. No one has the right to force you to apologize for the accident. That is a bad idea, because it can be taken by some as an admission of guilt and used against you to try to make you pay for the entire accident. Don’t give someone money to try to settle the claim, because they could use that as an admission of guilt, too.

How to Defend Your Legal Rights

You have the right to fair compensation for your damages. A Houston car accident lawyer can help you fight for the full amount required to repair your vehicle and pay your medical bills. Don’t accept a sob story or angry diatribe that results in settling for less.

Don’t pay someone to try to get it all behind you. This is because there are far too many scammers out there who stage accidents to claim money for medical bills. And there are average people who will be convinced by a chiropractor or car repair shop to pad the bill in exchange for a few hundred dollars. That’s fraud, and it is money that comes out of your pocket. Don’t let someone excuse it by saying the insurance company pays it. You and everyone else pays for it through higher insurance premiums.

If the police charge you with something, whether it is drunk driving or reckless driving, fight the charges. If you’re found to have been in violation of the law, you’re on the hook for all of the associated damages.