The Biggest Personal Injury Payouts In The UK

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Over the years, there has been a lot of personal injury claims in the UK. Surprisingly, some of them have resulted in enormous amounts in compensations. Personal injury is injuries sustained while carrying out a job function for an employer or injuries sustained through the negligence of third-party service. The injuries can be physical or psychological, and a successful claim can result in a huge amount in a payout. However, personal injury claims are subject to limitations in the UK, and you must claim it within three years. Yet not everyone that suffers a personal injury wins the claim. Your success is a factor of the expertise of your personal injury solicitor.

Here are the Biggest Personal Injury Payouts in the UK

6-year-old boy compensated with £37 million: In 2018 an unnamed 6-year-old boy won his injury claim. He was compensated with £37 million by the NHS, which is the biggest payout in the UK. The boy was born at Watford General Hospital and became infected with a virus. The virus was undetected and developed into brain fever according to court reports. If the doctors detected the infection on time, they would have treated it. But this was not the case and the virus resulted in a brain fever. As a result of his injuries, he could no longer communicate effectively, and he also suffered from eyesight issues. The court deemed the incidence of negligence from the hospital, and the boy was awarded a tax-free payout of £37 million for his lifelong care

7-year-old boy gets a compensation of £27 million: It looks like little children have the highest payout in personal injury claims in the UK. This is partly because most of the injuries they suffer are devastating and often would require lifelong care. In 2018 a 7-year-old boy became disabled due to delays in his delivery, and he was awarded a payout of £27 million by the court. The boy suffered brain damage according to reports obtained from the court, and his family’s solicitor did a good job in securing a huge sum of money for his lifelong care from Blackpool Teaching hospital foundation. The boy would receive a tax-free lump sum of £5.7m each year until the money is cleared out.

A 10-year-old girl gets a payout of £24.2

A 10-year-old was a victim of severe medical negligence and suffered from catastrophic brain damage. The error was a case of a clinician using the wrong syringe that contains glue to inject the girl. This incident damaged her brain permanently. As a result, one of her eyes became blind, and her movement was also affected. The family hired a renowned personal injury solicitor who was able to get maximum payout for her. The family received an initial tax-free payment of £2.8million and an additional £383,000 every year until she is 19 years of age. After that, the payment would increase to £423,000 until her end of life.

Agnes received £23m in personal injury compensation

In November 2009 a 17-year-old girl named Agnes was a victim of a car crash. The accident took the life of her mother, severely injured her brother and caused her to suffer spine injuries. The accident was as a result of the careless driving of a BMW executive who pulled out of a side road and caused Agnes’s family’s vehicle to be hit by an oncoming lorry. Agnes became paralyzed as a result of the accident. She was given the sum of £23m in personal injury compensation in 2013 three years after the case went to court. According to the personal injury solicitor for Agnes, she will receive £23m over her lifetime. An initial payment of £7.25m from the money while she will get £270,000 annually.

Unnamed girl awarded £23 million as personal injury claims in 2017

An unmade baby girl won the sum of £23 million in personal injury payout in 2017. During her birth in 2005, she was left with Cerebral Palsy due to negligence and errors from the doctors. She suffered severe learning difficulties as a result of her injuries and would often undergo life-threatening seizures. Doctors also diagnosed that she would suffer seizures for the rest of her life. Therefore, she was awarded the sum of £23 million for her lifelong upkeep, twelve years after the personal injury occurred.

Final Notes

We understand that accidents happen and in some cases, they can cause traumatic experiences. They can limit your ability to work and would affect other areas of your life as well. So, it is important that you realize your legal rights when personal injuries occur and seek compensation. If you are a victim of a personal injury and you are looking for a solicitor to help you, Scot Accident Claims has the expertise to make it happen. With extensive years of experience on personal injuries claims, you’ll get the best possible payout.