Divorce documents in Texas | How to get?

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The primary thing you need for the divorce case is to prepare proper divorce papers. If you think that it sounds too easy, you probably have never gotten a divorce! The proceeding of documents preparation can take more than six months, and it depends on your case and type of your divorce. As a rule, uncontested divorce documents are more comfortable to receive due to the agreement between the spouses. This means that parties have already concluded that they will not discuss before the court the items like child custody, spousal support, etc. However, if you have minor children, it may delay the prep work even in uncontested divorce. The more children you have, the more substantial the number of forms and papers you will need to prepare to file for the divorce case. The same principle refers to the great amount of marital property and other peculiarities of your divorce case.

But in spite of these facts, there is a list of basic forms which are necessary for all, and steps, which every divorcing couple has to take regardless of their divorce arrangements and personal circumstances. In brief, they are the following:

  1. Create a divorce Petition. It is the very first step for you to begin your divorce process and prepare the documents for the divorce proceeding. If you are ready to start the process, you should tell your partner that you are willing to terminate the marriage. You need to discuss the current situation with your spouse if it is essential for you to avoid a contested divorce along with all its peculiarities.

If you both agree to uncontested divorce, the preparation of divorce petition and other documents may be quite straightforward.

You need to visit the official site of your county and seek appropriate information. Texas Judiciary Branch website, as well as official counties’ sites, typically provide the most common civil forms.

So, in Texas, you are allowed to arrange a divorce and fill out the papers without any lawyers or legal mediators. However, you should make sure that you know what forms you need and can complete the paperwork correctly on the first try. If you feel unconfident or just do not want to mess with that boring prep work you always can seek the help of one of the online divorce companies which deal with divorce papers for years and offer quick and affordable preparation of all the needed forms.

  1. Prepare all the other forms and documents. As mentioned above, you can do it either by yourself or with the help of the online divorce website in Texas, and you need the only result – your documents should be completed extremely accurate! You should find out in advance what forms are mandatory in your particular divorce case, since the required papers may vary depending on your county of filing, amount of assets, having children, and other circumstances. The affordable preparation of the divorce documents usually takes less than three days if you order the files at the online company, and more than two weeks if you decided to prepare your documentation with the help of the attorney. All the documents should be real and valid for the time you are going to get a divorce. If some of your papers are going to be expired, please check them twice to avoid negative effects. The approximate cost of the divorce papers is $139-150 with an online helper and $500-700 with the help of the attorney or another legal body. Provided that you are eager to economize, the difference is rather bright for you, isn’t it?
  2. Serve your spouse with all the required documents and forms. Your partner must sign the papers too so that the divorce proceeding can start. In Texas, he/she has 30 days for endorsing the divorce petition or rejecting from sign it. In the first case, you can have an uncontested divorce, in the second option – your divorce may be a default one. You can hire the Sheriff who will deliver the papers to your spouse and take an official note from your spouse that he/she has received the paperwork copies. You can also serve your spouse with all the documentation by yourself if your state allows it. As for Texas, it can be, however, it is not the preferable option. After you have served your spouse with the papers, you should calm down and wait for the positive result. Of course, if your spouse refuses to sign the papers, there is always a risk to get a contested divorce, so it is better if you and your spouse were ready to negotiate this issue before filing.
  3. Be ready for various courses of events. You cannot predict the future, so you cannot predict how long your divorce will take. Texas family law sets only the shortest possible duration of a divorce process, and all the other assumptions are approximate. As a rule, you can face some challenges even if your papers are correct. In Texas uncontested divorce, the judge must check your settlement agreement and parenting plan, so, your arrangements can be either approved or not. Divorce mediation can be ordered to settle the disputed issues or to review some decisions which seem unfair to the judge. The details like this may delay the finalization of the divorce, so you should not count on some kind of clear timetable of the process. Anyway, all these additional changes are aimed to make your dissolution arrangements more detailed and mutually beneficial, so do not focus on negative.

All we can say for sure is that a divorce is a highly individual case, which requires your inner power, patience, wisdom, and alertness. Separation is a hard thing, so if you are eager to terminate the marriage do not miss an opportunity to make a divorce process at least a little smoother and affordable and try to arrange a peaceful divorce.