Got it Net Lawman Introduces World’s First Lasting Power Of Attorney Tool For Dementia Sufferers

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Net Lawman was a pioneer for selling legal document templates online. After 16 years in business, the company, based in Suffolk and now operating in 8 countries, claims to be still looking for ways to improve the way legal services are delivered. In January this year, in partnership with Unforgettable, which sells memory and dementia oriented products, they launched a brand-new lasting power of attorney service specifically designed for dementia patients.

By working together, the two companies sincerely believe they will be able to provide onset dementia patients with the peace of mind they desire.

The Lasting Power Of Attorney

Lasting power of attorney documents (LPAs) make it possible for a nominated person – an attorney – to make legally binding decisions for someone with limited mental capacity. When the person is no longer able to make decisions for themselves, a family member or friend named in the LPA can step in. Two types of LPA are widely used and they cover two unique areas. One covers the patient’s finances, while the other details their welfare and care decisions. The appropriate forms must be completed and registered in order for the donor of power to select someone to make decisions for them, when they’re unable to do so for themselves.

Simultaneously, the forms give the patient the ability to specifically clarify what decision can be made on their behalf.

Net Lawman’s New Tool

Net Lawman and Unforgettable are attempting to simplify the process of making these documents for onset dementia patients and their family members. By using the company’s new digital tool, patients and their closest acquaintances can complete either LPA form by answering basic questions regarding their wishes. They also have access to a “Statement of Wishes” document, which gives them the ability to make their healthcare preference known. For instance, the document can be used to determine whether or not the patient wishes to be tracked by an electronic device.

The new tool is backed with a unique review service, as well as a mental capacity certification service. The services are affordable and provide further peace of mind to the patient and their family members that the document will be registered and will stand up in a court of law. The service also should reduce the pressure on GPs and family solicitors to certify mental capacity.

Lloyds Pharmacy Now Promotes The Service

The online Lasting Power of Attorney service provided by Net Lawman and Unforgettable is being promoted in one of the nation’s largest pharmacy chains. Through a deal between Unforgettable and Lloyds Pharmacy, the latter has agreed to begin offering Unforgettable’s products to its customers, and as part of the arrangement, to recommend the service. It is very uncommon for retail establishments to promote or recommend legal services to their customers. The new agreement with Lloyds will undoubtedly help the two companies reach and help more dementia patients than ever before.