Four Traffic Offences a Motor Lawyer Could Help You With

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Every year 1.5 million motorists in England and Wales are accused of driving offences. In many cases, the driver simply pays the fine, takes the points, and learns from the experience.

However, sometimes this is not the best approach. There are driving offences, which a good motor lawyer can help you to deal with in a more effective way. A firm like will look at your case to work out if you have a valid defence that you can use.

This is a wise step to take especially when you consider that accumulating points on your licence can eventually lead to your losing your licence, once you have reached 12 active points. The fact that, in the longer term, the impact of driving offences could be serious means consulting a motoring lawyer is usually wise. Here is an overview of some of the offences they can help you to deal with:


A good speeding lawyer can tell you whether you have a defence and help you to determine whether contesting the charge would be worthwhile or not.

Licence disqualification offences

If you have been accused of an offence that carries the risk of a driving disqualification, a good motoring lawyer can often help you to put together an effective defence. Often, they can help the court to understand any mitigating circumstances, or adjust the sentence to take account of and mitigate the issues losing your licence could cause.

Driving without insurance

Every year thousands of people are caught driving without insurance. Often the fact that they are doing so comes as a surprise to offenders. Sometimes they have misunderstood their policy and assumed that it covers them to drive other cards. Or they may have been driving a company vehicle for which their employer is responsible, in which case they may have a statutory defence. A good driving lawyer will apply the law to each individual scenario to enable you to deal effectively with this offence.

Contravening Traffic Signs, Signals & Road Markings

Missing a traffic sign, jumping the lights or not noticing road markings is something many drivers do at some point. Usually if you are caught you will face a small fine and have points added to your licence.

However, in some cases the offence is considered more serious. In that situation, the authorities have the power to impose a disqualification. Should you believe you are at risk of this seeking the advice of a good motoring offence lawyer is a good idea.

Other offences

These are the most common driving offences. However, in the UK, 14 driving offences currently carry potentially life-changing penalties. That is to say that being found guilty of them could result in imprisonment, a driving ban or points on your licence.

If you want to understand them all, click this link. There you will see each offence listed along with a brief explanation of the punishment that could be issued. A good driving offence lawyer can help you with all of these infractions, so should you be accused of any of these offences it is well worth seeking their advice.