Internet Newsletter for Lawyers January/February 2015

We’re pleased to tell you that the latest issue of the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers is now published. Print subscribers will receive their print issues shortly.

In this issue

  • Access to Justice – Timothy Hill of The Law Society considers how technology is improving access to justice
  • Information law – Judith Townend introduces the new Centre for Law and Information Policy at IALS
  • Practice technology – Paul Richmond of Richmond Chambers describes the technology supporting his barrister-only ABS
  • Websites – Catherine Bailey of Bar Marketing helps us get to know the Google Analytics service
  • Social media – Mark Gould on how he uses social media for professional and personal development
  • Cloud computing – Allan Carton and Frank Manning of InPractice explain the options for cloud computing
  • Mobile computing – Alex Heshmaty of Legal Words describes the most useful apps for lawyers
  • Plus information on The Big Advice Survey and CPD changes for 2015
  • In an online feature Glenda Harding of Kaplan Altior describes the new undergraduate level legal apprenticeship

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Enjoy the Newsletter.


Nick Holmes and Delia Venables