Trade Marks – Why Register?

When you’re setting up your new business there will be hundreds of new things to consider and many, many forms to sign. One question you may ask yourself is, “Should I trade mark my company?”.

First and foremost, trade marks can prove to be a valuable business asset, particularly when they are used widely amongst your goods and/or services as it will become a ‘recognised brand’.  As with many things, the more time you spend in building up your ‘brand’ the bigger the reward and the bigger its financial value.

When you’re building up your business you will obviously want to make it a ‘valuable asset’ should you come to sell it. Therefore, if you haven’t registered it as a trade mark then you could potentially de-value your business as it may not be seen as a ‘valuable asset’ upon sale.

Registered trade marks are listed as business assets and therefore help to add value to your business. It is therefore advisable that you register your trade mark early on to avoid any problems should you sell it further down the line. It’s advisable to speak with an intellectual property law firm for detailed information on registering a trade mark.

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