Cat Chaos Grounds Canadian Flight for Hours

Cat Chaos Grounds Canadian Flight For HoursWhat would happen if a cat escaped and decided to run around a huge commercial flight to Canada? It’s utter chaos. This is what the passengers of Air Canada Flight 603 from Halifax to Toronto experienced when a cat accidentally escaped its carrying case and decided to run all over the plane.

According to the reports, Ripples the cat ran free after a passenger unknowingly opened its carrier. The cat was frightened by the buzzing noise that the airplanes’ engine produced.

Some passengers say that the scene was pretty amusing, the flight was then grounded for 4 hours as they searched the whole aircraft for the scared cat. The staff decided to turn off the lights and the engine to calm Ripples down.

After hours of search Ripples was found.  After checking the plane for damages to cables and wires that the cat might have caused, they found out no harm was done and took off.