Loch Lomond Loutlaws

Loch Lomond has said ‘no more’ to drunkenness.  There will be no more pitching of tents on the Loch’s eastern shores between March and October – when groups of partying weekenders – sometimes up to 90 of them at a time – have been disturbing the peace with their unruly camping.

Disturbances have resembled gang warfare, with one fight between two camping groups escalating into a riot when a car was set alight after a blazing barbecue was thrown through its window.

Flouting the new ban could attract a fine of £500 and drinking in the area will also be banned.  Both bylaws come into effect this June. The camping ban makes it an offence for anyone to pitch a tent or set up any form of shelter, including sleeping overnight in a vehicle. New formal campsites with toilets, fire pits and bins are to be set up inside the zone at Sallochy Bay.

The Daily Record