Bombs away

A ‘highly organised’ syndicate of five pigeon feeders are making life hell for Toronto law student Jonathan Schachter. Negotiating the Heath Street doors as he emerges from St Clair West TTC subway station has become a daily hazard for Schachter and his fellow travellers as they dodge the pigeon poo.

The unpleasant stuff rains down from the tightly packed wires above, where pigeons gather for the bird seed scattered by five woman.  They “spread the seed while it’s still dark because they are aware it’s illegal,” said Schachter, 27.

The TTC has posted signs asking people to refrain from feeding the birds on their property and threatening a penalty $235. But the subway has no jurisdiction on the road, sidewalk or a parkette behind the entrance.

When asked by Toronto’s Star journalist how he knew about the feeding ring, Schachter described how he had talked to one of the women whilst she scattered the seed. “She said it’s winter, the birds don’t get any food and they need to be fed… I asked her why she does it late at night. She told me she knows it’s illegal.

“She said there are five of them, who all live in buildings around there. She indicated it is mostly one lady who just doesn’t care about the rules, and the rest of them help out.  After I left she took her trolley over by the trees in the parkette and spread tonnes of it. I see lots of seed every day. There are no exceptions.”

The Star