Ryanair passenger arrested over inedible sandwich dispute

A Ryanair passenger was arrested last Tuesday after the airline called police because he refused to pay the £3.80 for what he alleged to be an “inedible” chicken sandwich.

Norwegian, Henrik Ulven, had asked to exchange the sandwich for a muffin, but the cabin crew refused and called the police when the plane landed.

Ulven kept the sandwich as evidence to show police. He was led into a room by officers after his flight landed, and he says they simply laughed at the incident after he explained what happened, and he was quickly released.

Ulven told MoneySavingExpert.com, “When I took a bite it was like rubber, it was not suitable to eat and did not look like the picture in the promotions.” and “I paid for the beer I ordered but I said it was not fair to pay for the sandwich. So I asked if I could have a muffin instead but she refused and said they would call the police if I did not pay.”

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