Watchdog warns of public health risk from anti-vaccination website

An Australian anti-vaccination website presents misleading and inaccurate claims that pose a risk to public health, a government watchdog has ruled.

The Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) in Sydney has issued a public warning over information posted on the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) website.

The warning states that the AVN site “quotes selectively from research to suggest vaccination to be dangerous” and “contains information that is incorrect and misleading”.

The AVN has failed to comply with previous warnings, triggering the HCCC’s public announcement that the website could guide people to making misinformed choices about their children’s vaccination options.

The AVN website includes false information including claims that measles is a “non-threatening illness”, despite it causing an 733,000 deaths in 2000, and that “vaccines have never been tested”.

Ken McLeod who originally filed the complaint with the HCCC is now planning to seek a court order to force the AVN to change it’s website to remove the false claims.

New Scientist